Why Join ICONS?

Joining ICONS means becoming part of a diverse company with strong ethics and a very bright future.


Advance Your Career

We are a growing company, which means you will have plenty of opportunities to move forward in your career. We offer a wide range of opportunities in many different areas, from App Development to Customer Service to Graphics Design, and with our international clientele, the world will be your workplace. You will collaborate across borders and experience different cultures.


Grow With Us

We will nurture your strengths, help to hone your skills, and value your unique input and perspectives…and in return we expect you to share your passion for what you do, and give your very best. ICONS will give you the support you need to progress, we’ll provide you with formal and informal trainings, coaching and development to help you become the superstar we know you are.


Love Your Job

You can expect a vibrant team, cool company events, and smiling faces. Our team is a family, we are colleagues, but friends, couples and anything in between. We go out together, have drinks, do boat trips…we work hard, and we play hard!


Create Something New

We always need to find innovative solutions to interesting problems. With ICONS, you may have a steep learning curve, but once you are accustomed to how we do things you will feel empowered by your new responsiblities. We look to our team for input, suggestions, and to come up with new ways to get things done. Even more importantly, you can share your unique ideas with anyone in the company and make it happen instantly.


Culture & Values

Every member of our team is dependable, open, honest and trustworthy. ICONS aims to attract people who respect and share our values. This describes how we interact with each other, our clients, and the world. Our values influence the clients we accept, how we recruit our team members, and how we develop our people. We expect every member of our team to act with respect and integrity, to take responsibility for what they do, and to always do the best they can. Our success was built on these values, and they will continue to help us thrive.

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